Tragicomica, Lo Spettacolo

The Cinema Arsenale and the theater school directed by Ubaldo Pantani present "Tragicomica, lo Spettacolo"

Tragicomica, Lo Spettacolo

The Cineclub Arsenale and the Theater School Tragicomica, directed by Ubaldo Pantani, will present the product of the first year called “Tragicomica, Lo Spettacolo”, scheduled in four nights from May 11th and then on May 15th, 22th and 31th at 9.30 pm in the Sala Sammartino, via San Martino 69 in Pisa.

The show is written and directed by Valerio Acampora and Ubaldo Pantani, with the collaboration of Alfea Cinematografica within the scope of production, set up and technical assistance.

The story is composed of seven short plays, in which you can witness tragicomic life; represented in an intrepid and self-deprecating way, of different characters: starting from Ismail Ndiaye in "We Are Family" and then Leonardo Barachini in "L'Illiadé", Simone Antonelli in "Un personaggio carismatico", Filippo D’Andrea in “Polemikòs”, Stefano Giolli in “Attacchi di Poirot”, Marco Cavazza in “6-2-10” and Andrea Prestianni in “Sono come sòno”.

For information and bookings you can contact us at 050.24600. 050.24600.

Tickets can be bought on the Cineclub Arsenale's website at the following link, we are waiting for you!