pisa e le vie d'acqua 1

A journey of emotions, stories and nature, to tell Pisa and its connection with water. Aired on Rai 3 Thursday, May 16th, within the broadcast Geo

Pisa presents itself. It does so on a journey along the city’s waterways, sliding along the Arno and the Navicelli Canal, in the new documentary produced by Alfea Cinematografica aired on Thursday, May 16th, within the Geo broadcast on Rai 3 (4 pm - 6:30 pm).

Unmissable are the images of the Piazza del Duomo, which with its monuments testifies to the greatness of Pisa mercantile power, in medieval times, when its ships loaded with goods arrived in all of the most important ports of the Mediterranean sea. Over the centuries the coastline has gradually drifted away. Thus the ancient maritime republic has become a city without a sea. Yet, ploughing through other waters, one can still rediscover that bond, which has survived through the centuries.

During the whole Pisan water journey we will meet people who every day live in close contact with the Arno and the Navicelli Canal. We will talk about the cultivation of the Pisan plateau and the island of hens, we will pass by the Park of San Rossore where the wolf has returned to live and the Pisan forest. There will also be the old Marines fisherman and some very special "lifeguards". Then the feast of San Ranieri and the magical night of the light in which Pisa honors its saint, also paying homage to its river, ancient heart of the thousand-year-old city.