Info and characteristics


Ledwalls are led screens that can be used in various contexts and environments to show images, videos and/or text. 

How does a Ledwall works?

A Ledwall represents a composition of LED panels strategically arranged to form a large screen. These screens use LED technology to generate vivid and richly colored images, ensuring optimal visibility for both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Our ledwalls are perfect for outdoor and/or indoor use and allow excellent visibility both day and night. They do not require the use of the projector and can be used for events, exhibitions, shows etc... 

Our Indoor and Outdoor Ledwall are available in many sizes, optimal for the needs of each user. 

For more information on our ledwalls or to get a quote, you can write us at commerciale@alfeacinematografica.com or call us at the following number (+39) 050.24600.